Hi, my name is Thomas.

Originally from Norway, I have a passion for adventure and travel. I love visiting new countries, experiencing different cultures and seeking out adventures wherever I go.

My travels have taken me to six continents (and planning to visit all seven). I have lived, worked, hitch hiked and dirt-biked all over the world from Malaysia to Nicaragua, Australia to North Korea, the US to France and many more.

I started Take Me Anywhere Travels in 2018 and I am always striving to give people awesome holidays. I want to show people parts of the world that they may have never even considered and push their boundaries in travel.

With experience as a tour guide in Nicaragua, I’m no stranger to climbing and riding down some of the worlds most active volcanoes. August 2018 I climbed one of the highest mountains in South East Asia, and also completed the world’s highest Via Ferrata.
Having driven across Nicaragua on a motorcycle and from Missouri to the Mexican Gulf in Texas, I know I have the right drive and experience to offer you an unforgettable mystery trip.

Everyone is guilty of over-planning their trips. Sitting there hour after hour just researching and exploring all the different options that are out there. Quite often this can be very stressful, and maybe even postpone your long awaited vacation.
This is why I created Take Me Anywhere Travels, to create a solution around this problem. However I always have to go over the top on everything I do, and I figured that it wasn’t quite enough to just organize and book someones trip. There had to be an extra element of adventure and mystery!

And just like that a seed was planted in my mind and has been growing to this day, and now I’m able to offer you mystery trips you will remember for years to come!