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Take Me Anywhere Travels provides mystery holidays to clients from all over the world; we plan to keep doing so for years to come!

We believe, however, that a good dose of skepticism and caution on the Internet in this day and age is a good thing, and we highly recommend you to remain prudent with online offers.

It’s for this reason that we’ve put this page together: to reassure you that we’re here to provide you with mystery holidays you’ll remember for the rest of your life and continue to book year after year.


Take Me Anywhere Travels is a company registered in Norway under the organization number 820680782.

Our proprietor is Thomas Andre Hatland Fadum who also serves as our Director of Sales and handles most of our client and company relations.

Being a Norwegian-based company, we answer to and abide by the Norwegian constitution.

You can find more information regarding our registration on

If it doesn’t translate to your language, you may put in our organization number (820680782) where it says “Finn foretak/selskap” or follow this link:

Package travel guarantees

As obligated by the Norwegian constitution, we are a member of “The Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund” (The “Fund”).

The Fund is tasked with ensuring that we provide a statutory guarantee to all our clients regarding bankruptcy, and follow the travel guarantee requirements in Directive 2015/2302/EU as implemented in the Package Tours Act.

Pursuant to the Package Tours Act, all organizers of package travels must provide security covering their obligation to refund monies paid and for the repatriation of the traveler in the event of the organizer’s insolvency.

The security is normally given in the form of a bank guarantee, but the Fund may accept other adequate security.

The Fund will cover all valid claims from customers if the security provided proves insufficient to cover the claims.

Our enrollment in the Fund is attested on the following page under the name “Fadum Take Me Anywhere Travels”

More Information About

The Package Travel Act


Package Travel Regulations


EU’s Directive 2015/2302/EU, Package Tours Act


The Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund Contact information

Any and all questions regarding our gurantee and your rights with package travel may be
addressed towards Reisegarantifondet


Reisegarantifondet ( 975 421 333)
MailBox 1807 Vika 0123 Oslo


Reisegarantifondet (Advokatfirmaet Nova DA)
Roald Amundsens Street 6,0160 Oslo

Telephone and fax

Telephone: 0047 51 85 99 40
Fax: 0047 51 85 99 31



— FAQ —

Your name doesn't match the registry

While being operated under the name “Take Me Anywhere Travels” our registered company name is “Fadum Take Me Anywhere Travels”.
The reason for this is that we’re not a corporation, but a type of sole proprietorship.

Sole proprietorship’s don’t have to have the two or three letter corresponding company type in the official company name, but we are required to have the surname of the proprietor somewhere in the registered company name.

Why don't you have a physical address?

At this point in time we don’t have a physical business address where clients may come to for a face to face discussion regarding their trips.

The reason for this is because of our clients are from all over the world and we wouldn’t be able to find a fitting location to serve the purpose a physical address should.

One of the ways that we manage to produce great mystery holidays while charging a minimum fee for our service is due to not having to pay for rent, maintenance and upkeep of a physical address and/or office.

Why don't you have a public phone number?

While we do provide a personal phone number to all our clients before their trip, where they can call 24/7 for any and all questions, we prefer to do all our communication with our clients over Email, as to better organize and streamline the booking process.

By communicating through Email only we are able to produce precise information, while giving the added security to the client where all the information and promises we make regarding their mystery holiday is black on white and available for all parties.

When discussing a very detailed and expansive subject, such as a holiday, we see it important to have our communication in writing.

How do I know you've actually booked me a mystery holiday?

As you receive all your bookings and confirmations 24 hours before departure it may seem curious if we’ve actually booked something in your name.
This is why we offer two solutions to this where we can confirm our authenticity while not revealing your location

1 Some of your booking confirmations could be sent to one of your friends or relatives so that they can confirm that the bookings have been done in your name.

2 You or one in your travel group may receive the bookings beforehand, so that at least half the party knows about it.


Opening hours Monday to Saturday 08:00-16:00 (GMT +1)