The cost of the trip is completely up to you. When you fill in the travel survey you list the budget you want for your mystery holiday. We will give you a quote based on this price. The quote may be higher or lower than what you listed. The budget we agree upon is the amount you will be charged.

The quoted amount you’re given after filling in the travel survey is the total cost for the entire trip. This includes flights, accommodation, activities and all potential booking fees and local taxes for all participants. The quoted amount is the amount you will pay. We will never ask you to pay anything else after the initial invoice is paid.

24 hours before departure you will receive a document with all the relevant booking confirmations, including flight tickets.
You will also receive a travel itinerary that tells you where you’re going, how you’re getting there and what you’re doing on your mystery holiday.

Take Me Anywhere Travels has a cutoff time at 20 days prior to the departure date. Any bookings received when less that 20 days to departure will be turned away. If you’re booking right at the time limit, you have the option of paying extra for an expedited booking.

Under normal circumstances the biggest travel group we organize is 10 people. However what is travel without a few compromises? Send us an email at contact@takemeanywheretravels.com and we can start planning your trip!

Normally we have a minimum age limit of 18, meaning that people under 18 can’t book and pay for their own trip.
It is possible for parents or legal guardians to travel with their children, even if they’re under 18.

If the traveler turns 18 before departure date individual exceptions can be made.

When we ask for a payment we will send you an invoice through Stripe. We never see any of your personal information, as everything is handled off site. When you have paid, we will get a confirmation from Stripe and begin organizing your trip.

We have traveled all over the world, and we have developed an expertise in booking Your trips. If you find it enjoyable to research your own trips, we will let you do that, and we would love work with you to bring your trip to the next level!

If you and your business is interested in a little getaway, it is very possible we can organize something for you! Send us an email at contact@takemeanywheretravels.com with some information about your company and your wishes and we will get to work!

No matter what country you are from we will happily organize your trip. Some countries might have limited travel options depending on your budget, but we will always fill your trip to the brim with experiences!

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