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By answering the following questions, you give us all the information we need to create your next Mystery Holiday!

The more questions you answer in the following pages, the more you are in control of your holiday. If you want to increase the Mystery, please feel free to skip questions.

(1 = hate it, 10 = love it)

e.g. diving license, driver license
e.g. overnight hikes, tours to other cities
Places you've been to, don't want to visit or are barred from entering

Factors determining the budget

The cost of your Mystery Holiday is always up to you. By filling out the questions on this page, you give us an estimated budget that we will base your quote on. 

The information you give here will influence which location, type of accommodation, and activities (if any) that we'll choose for you. You may increase or decrease your budget at a later stage.  

Some airlines charge extra for checked luggage such as bags or suitcases
The cost of our cancellation insurance varies from every Mystery Holiday. You will be informed in your quote how much your insurance is going to cost.

More information regarding our cancellation insurance can be found here (click to open a new tab)

Roughly how much you want to spend per person. This budget is what we will base your quote on.

Who's going and from where

On this page, you give us the final information we need for your Mystery Holiday. After you have filled out this page, we have all the information we need to make your Mystery Holiday quote.

e.g. before 10pm

Before you get your quote

To ensure that you know exactly what you're getting for your Holiday before committing to anything, we plan out your entire Mystery Holiday. 

It takes us around 2 days to find your ideal location, hotel, and activities, which is why we ask you to put down a 20 dollar Mystery Deposit. 

This is by no means enough to cover the cost of planning your trip, but it shows us that you actually want to go on a Mystery Holiday.

If you're not happy with what we're able to offer you, even after alterations, we will refund your deposit. 

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