How it works

  • Fill out our travel survey 

    In the survey you will tell us some basic information about yourself, such as desired travel dates, your budget, and some personal preferences (e.g. Love skiing, hate water, always wanted to visit Asia). 

  • Receive your quote

    The budget you listed in the travel survey is what we will base your mystery holiday on, as we scour the internet to find you the best deals! Depending on where your flying from, and your requirements for accommodation and activities the overall quote may be higher or lower than the budget you listed. We will send you an email within 48 hours with a proposed quote.

  • Pay Invoice 

    When you are satisfied with the quote, then we will send you an invoice for that amount.  Take Me Anywhere Travels partners with Stripe, giving you a secure and safe way to pay for your trip. No one from Take Me Anywhere Travels will ever see or handle any of your bank details.

  • Tailoring your mystery holiday 

    After your invoice has been paid we are all set to start booking your mystery holiday. Using the information you gave to us in the travel survey and through our emails we will create an unique adventure, tailored to you. No two mystery trips are ever the same! We will book your flights, accommodation (and transport to it), and some activities.

  • Weather report and packing list

    One week before departure you will receive an email from Take Me Anywhere Travels. In this email you will find a weather report for your location and a recommended packing list. All the sensitive information will be left out, so you know what to pack, but not where you’re going.

  • Destination reveal

    Your destination will be revealed one day before departure. You will receive an email with all the necessary information such as flight tickets, booking references and a travel itinerary. To make the adventure even more exciting we recommend to not open the email until you’re already at the airport.

  • Delve into the unknown and enjoy your adventure!

Ready to give it a try?