Pandora's Package - 

Mystery Meets Budget


A Mystery Holiday is a holiday where you don’t know where you’re going or what you’re doing until 24 hours before departure. We plan and book everything for you, so you don’t have to.

Pandora’s Package – Mystery Travel on a Budget

Are you an adventurous soul believing that life’s best experiences, including travel, don’t have to cost a fortune?

Do you thrive on spontaneity and mystery?

Our Pandora Package has got your back!

Picture this: you’re packing for this exciting trip without knowing your destination. You have no idea what you’ll see, where you’ll go, or where you’ll stay.

It’s like going on a mystery date – as laid-back or adrenaline-packed as you are as a person – and there isn’t one single thing for you to think or worry about.

All you need to do is get ready and catch your flight because we have hand-picked the best flights, transportation, accommodation and activities for you, which remain a secret until 24 hours before departure, based on your budget and preferences.

We do it all for you so you don’t have to. Why stress yourself with endless research and planning when you can replace it with adventure and mystery?



1. Tell us what you want

The first step to your Mystery Holiday is filling out the travel survey on our website and either putting down a 20 dollar Mystery Deposit or sharing our Facebook Page. 

In the survey, you list your Holiday Rules, where you choose your travel length, how much you want to spend, type of activities, and your desired climate.

2.Approve Your Quote

Before you book anything, we will plan out your entire Mystery Holiday.

It takes us about 2 business to find you the perfect Mystery Location and to present this to you in a quote. 

This quote contains only the most essential information you need to know and is 100% changeable to ensure that you control exactly what you're getting and for what price.

If there's something you don't like about your quote, or want to change or add anything, you are encouraged to ask us to change it. 

3.Booking your Mystery Holiday

When you’re completely satisfied with what we’re able to offer for your chosen budget, you’ll fill out your billing information and receive an invoice through PayPal, with the deposit deducted. Upon payment, we’ll book your entire Mystery Holiday for you and assemble it into a travel itinerary containing all the information you need to know about your holiday.

4.Destination Reveal

Your destination will be revealed 24 hours before departure in your travel itinerary. This contains all your booking information and instructions on what you’re doing and how to get there. 7 days before departure, you’ll receive a weather report and a packing list.