The idea

Sun setting over plane wing

Take Me Anywhere Travels is a travel startup aiming to bring back excitement, adventure and the unknown into travel.

The arrival of the Internet and review websites means a lot of people are guilty of over planning a holiday or vacation.

It is so easy to get lost reading endless reviews of different places to stay or tours to choose from. This can be stressful and knowing exactly what to expect can potentially leave you underwhelmed.

To solve this problem we want to send you to a mystery location for an adventure tailored for you.

Based on information you give us we will create a bespoke travel plan for you, taking into account your budget, preferences, dislikes and previous travel experience.

Our trips are aimed at those travelers looking for adventure activities, exotic or unusual locations and those looking for a real adventure.

We work with our travel associates that have experienced the destination/adventures first hand and work off personal recommendations where possible.