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One of the first mystery holidays we had went out to the Youtuber couple Hannah and Yosshi.

Hannah and Yosshi in interlaken

Flying out from Tokyo in early October, they decided to open their travel itinerary 2 hours before their flight left! Arriving at the airport they waited til the last minute to reveal their mystery holiday location.

In their travel itinerary they could find all their tickets, bookings and all information on how to get to their location and what they were doing.

Having listed in their travel survey they wanted a location full of mountains and out of Asia, there weren’t many options other than Interlaken, Switzerland when it comes to stunning mountain cities!

Other than being paralyzed by the sheer beauty of their city, they also attended some cultural activities in their city, experienced canyoning and paragliding for the very first time.

Their entire journey has been documented for your viewing pleasure, and can be seen here:

Hannah’s playlist (English)

Yosshi’s playlist (Japanese)


Going on a mystery holiday is so much more exciting than planning it yourself! Its exhilerating just thinking of all the places you could go and of course when you’re there, it’s nice to just follow a plan. No stress and extra excitement!

Our first traveler to Alicante, Spain was the solo traveler Emma.

Picture of Emma in Alicante, Spain

Emma standing in front of a waterfall

It was her first experience with Take Me Anywhere Travels, and her first time trying out a mystery holiday.
Suiting to her requirements we found her a location where she could be close to the beach, go climbing, and experience some extreme sports!

Her adventure started a Saturday evening, as she boarded a direct flight from London to Alicante.
A week prior to departure she knew at what time her flight was leaving, and from which terminal. This way she had plenty of time to properly plan how to get to the airport.

When she arrived at the airport she was picked up by a prepaid driver, holding a sign with her name. He took her to her apartment, just a stone throw away from the beach. While there were some complications in checking in, we managed to help her solve the issue with the hosts over phone and email.

Emma had in her travel survey stated she wanted 3-4 activities, and to which we managed to book her 3 activities that matched her interests. These three activities were spaced out, giving her enough time to explore the area on her own, as well as having the options to follow the suggestion we had made for her.



I had a great time. You were great with communication and adaptability prior to the trip.
I was a bit worried when I arrived and struggled to get access to the apartment but you were great helping to sort it out. The driver you booked, Santiago, was very nice and friendly. The location I stayed was good, the beach was close and nice. The apartment itself was nothing special, but it was nice to have my own space including cooking facilities. Buses and trams around the area are convenient and inexpensive.
The tour providers were AMAZING! They were so friendly and they were keen to tell me about the history of the areas as we drove to and from the activity locations. They spoke good English but they also welcomed my pretty basic attempts to communicate in Spanish. I felt very safe with them. I especially loved the activity Barranco gorgo de la Escalera. I felt like I was in paradise! Who needs Costa Rica?

Leaving their home in Sydney around midday Dennis and Danielle headed for the train station to start their mystery holiday.

Couple standing infront of natural rock formation

Dennis and Danielle in the Blue Mountains

Their destination was a mystery up until the day before, but the location was never far away. Having won a local get-away they knew that they weren’t going far, but they were extremely please with being sent for an adventure up in the mountains!

Roughly 1 hour train away they followed the instructions given to them in their travel itinerary, which explained exactly where they were going and what they were doing.

They checked into their hotel, were the staff were awaiting their arrival. They were staying in this 4 star hotel for the 3 days that their holiday lasted.

The activity they were signed up for was canyoning; a favorite here at Take Me Anywhere Travels as it gives you an excellent opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, with a nice mix of activities. They jumped, swam, slid and abseiled 30 meter drops on this full day activity.

After returning back to their hotel, they had the rest of their 3 day mystery holiday to do exactly what they wanted. Just like with our other clients, they could find three local recommendations on what to do in their mystery holiday.



I feel that your team took care of the entire experience after we provided some preliminary information. I enjoyed our conversations and exchanging tidbits of information.

I didn’t have to do much planning myself as TMAT took care of all that. Your responses were prompt, and accommodating of the time-frame we had set for the mystery holiday!

I feel that your team took care of the entire experience after we provided some preliminary information, and had a feeling that the experience itself would be stepping outside the comfort zone a little!

Though I’m glad that it was also the case, they’re always the best adventures! I was confident in your planning abilities and sure we would have a great time, and that we did! Thank you!