Traveling the world and being on vacation is great! Booking it is not. There’s so much to think about when it comes to getting the cheapest deal and making sure you don’t blow your budget. Sometimes the hardest part about traveling to the other side of the world is simply sitting down to book and organize everything. Too bad you don’t know a company that can do it for you (hint hint). Here’s 6 ways we use to save you money when we book your holiday!

Be flexible with your travel dates

The easiest factor to control when traveling is when you travel. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to travel in the off season, but everyone can shift their plans a day or two. Sure, you might only have a week of work, but changing the departure date or return date one day can result in huge savings on your flight tickets.

It might not be the most alluring to shorten your already short vacation, but maybe you could take a late night flight right after getting home from work. You’ll be sleeping better on the plane knowing you just saved yourself enough money for happy hour.

Be flexible on your destination

Just as there are days that’s cheaper to travel on, there’s also locations that are considerably cheaper than others! Having a dream destination in mind and not being able to afford it, it can be very hard to think of other alternatives. But sometimes you can find some great deals from your airport.

Flights within Europe sometimes costs as low as 10 Euro return trip, while certain routes between popular cities routinely hover around the 30 euro mark. Maybe that 700 Euro flight to Ibiza isn’t that alluring anymore.

Change your departing airport

Depending on the city you live in you might have several airports within a reasonable distance to your home. While the major airports are most of the time the cheapest and best alternative for most flights, sometimes smaller airports have special deals, making certain fares cheaper.

If you don’t live close to a major airport sometimes it can be cheaper and less time consuming to take the train or bus to that airport. Most of the time you would have to transit at that airport anyways. The bus could be cheaper than flying there.

Leave the suitcase at home

When looking for flights you’re bound to come across one of the many low-cost airlines. Sometimes you can be lucky and find return flights for less than 30 Euros! However your mood quickly changes when you find out that luggage is twice the flight ticket. In some cases the more expensive airlines actually end up cheaper than the low-cost, as on some you don’t have to pay for luggage or the food.

I’m not telling you to drop those airlines, just your luggage. You can fit a weeks worth of clothes in your carry-on. And if you can fit a weeks worth of clothes in your carry-on, you can always wash it in the shower at your hostel and last 2 more weeks.

Skip the airport pickup

Sometimes the last thing you want to worry about after your 20 hour flight is how to get to your hostel. Pre-ordering a taxi or other private transport is sometimes the easiest solution, where your driver is waiting for you and already knows where to take you. However, with the emergence of a number of different ridesharing-services you could easily save 20-30 bucks just by waiting a bit longer at the airport.

Public transport is by far the cheapest solution to get to your accommodation, however you need to walk further and maybe have to change buses/trains. Not a problem if you want to see the most of your county and traveling with only a backpack though. You’re not going to save too much money on this, but that extra cash could go towards a walking tour downtown.

Book directly

If you’re booking through third party sites you run the chance of stacking up numerous fees and unnecessary added expenses. While it might look like the best deals, most booking services have to make money one way or another. Always check with your hotel and airline directly to see if they can give you a lowerprice. Sometimes you might save a couple hundred bucks booking directly. Might even get you a free breakfast!

However sometimes booking through a travel agent has proven to be the cheapest option. Not only have they access to the special deals and discounts, they also do all the work for you. What’s better than having someone do a job for you, cheaper and quicker than you could’ve done it? Well, a mystery holiday with us.

The above steps are exactly what we try and do for every client to minimize the cost of their holiday so they can experience more. This is why we can give you a mystery holiday cheaper and more exciting than most others! Click the button below to fill out our travel survey today and get your free quote!