We’ve all been there: You sit there anxiously at the airport, shaking your foot up and down, worrying about the 13 hour flight you have in front of you What are you going to do?  What if there’s no WiFi on the plane? Or worse, what if you have to pay for it? Such atrocities is enough to make any budget traveler shake. Well, here’s 7 tips and tricks to help survive the dreaded long-haul flights:


Long gone are the days where you could kill time with good conscience. Today there’s a multitude of online audiobook services that provide you with every book imaginable, plus more. Why stare aimlessly at the seat in front of you when you could do the same while retaining some knowledge from the British voice reading his newest book on self improvement directly into your ear. Don’t fancy learning how to improve your miserable life, or maybe a new skill isn’t that alluring? Well, why not download a great classic like the Twilight series or Fifty Shades of Grey? The options are endless, and with certain providers providing the option to speed up the audiobook, you could listen to a 13 hour book in almost 10 hours!

Download movies

Believe it or not, you don’t have to go to sketchy third party sites to download movies. There’s multiple legit online streaming services that offer the possibility to download their movies and TV shows for your offline viewing pleasure. Best part about this is that you don’t have to pay for these movies, granted you have an active subscription with the streaming service of course. So delete those hundreds of average looking sunset photos you have piled up from early last year, and make room for your favorite movies and series!


You can always receive external knowledge. Some might say that the constant consumption of copious amounts of content copied from online content is a coping mechanism to distract you from your own consciousness. Well, what better time to delve into yourself than when you have 10 hours of flight in front of you? Just hope you’re not sitting next to this guy:

Talk to your neighbor

See that guy to your left? Believe it or not, but he’s also on a horrible 13 hour flight. He, just like you, refuse to pay 10 dollars for the on-board WiFi. Unfortunately for him he didn’t read this article on how to survive long-haul flights. You come prepared, so as a fellow traveler it’s your responsibility to introduce yourself to alleviate his torment. Who knows, maybe your seat-neighbor could be your next best friend or life long partner.

Learn a new language

“Really? Another one? Don’t you get it that I don’t want to learn stuff?”
Zip it! We both know that you have at least one language learning app right there on your cell phone that you haven’t opened the last 2 months. What better time to learn a new language than when you’re already on your way to that language’s country? Sure you won’t learn a language on one flight trip, unless you bought the cheapest tickets you found online for 50 bucks that left you with 12 stops in 10 different countries and an overall travel time of 6 days and 3 hours. Yeah, sometimes it’s worth it to pay 50 bucks extra to shave off 6 days travel time. But hey, you learned a new language on the way!

Write a post about how to survive long haul flights

You got me. I’m currently on a flight to Norway. Yeah, overall travel time 22 hours. You can probably guess what inspired me to write this article. Well, it’s the perfect time to do some work! Long gone are all the daily distractions you have at home. You can’t answer that text from that person you don’t really want to talk to, and you can’t aimlessly scroll through your Facebook feed. You got literally nothing distracting you from doing some work! Backed up on work emails? Remember that message you’ve been purposely avoiding to write? Do it now. No excuses, you know what you should’ve done a long time ago.

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