Late last year, Take Me Anywhere Travels had a essay contest, where people from all over the world submitted their most unexpected travel stories. There were a lot of great entries, but three of them stood out and were able to grab the main prizes. Dennis, our second place winner, was the first of the contestants to use his mystery prize. So the first weekend in January he and his girlfriend, Danielle, headed to the Blue Mountains right outside Sydney Australia.

In the true Take Me Anywhere Travels style, Dennis and Danielle had no idea where they were going to go, or what they were going to do. All they knew was that they won a free adventure activity within their home country, with accommodation. Here’s their story:

The Adventure

The Blue mountains is a nice area, a little like a smaller version of the Grand Canyon – but with many more tree’s, and of course all the Australian wildlife out to get you!

We’d both done our share of individual bush walks through the Blue Mountains following the trails, but neither of us had ever (even dreamed) we’d be climbing through these canyons. Let alone abseiling down some of the biggest, and most scenic cliffs in the mountains!

The abseiling and Canyoning experience was awesome!

The team at Wild and High Adventures did an excellent job guiding the group through small 5m abseils, before going to 30m cliffs, free-falls, and Canyoneering through a beautiful canyon in the mountain.

We were dressed in wetsuits, travelling waist deep in water between areas never seen by anyone walking the trails. We completed several jumps ranging up to 5m into rock pools.

The final spectacular was abseiling down a 30m flat faced waterfall and kicking off and dropping the support line. Excellent experience and close to home.

Although far outside what I’d usually plan for myself, my girlfriend and I had a great time, we definitely stepped outside our comfort zones to give the experience the fullest.

Unfortunately she found the final abseils were a little too daunting, I can’t blame her! She did very well on the abseils she did complete. In the end, she was more than happy to snap a few shots, which I’ve included!

We had some time at the end of our trip to make a visit to Echo Point for the iconic Three Sisters too.

This was an experience I’d definitely recommend it to my friends!

Working with Take Me Anywhere Travels

The TMAT experience was great!

I feel that your team took care of the entire experience after we provided some preliminary information. I enjoyed our conversations and exchanging tidbits of information.

I didn’t have to do much planning myself as TMAT took care of all that. Your responses were prompt, and accommodating of the time-frame we had set for the mystery holiday!

I feel that your team took care of the entire experience after we provided some preliminary information, and had a feeling that the experience itself would be stepping outside the comfort zone a little!

Though I’m glad that it was also the case, they’re always the best adventures! I was confident in your planning abilities and sure we would have a great time, and that we did! Thank you!